'The Elmore Jam' Presents 'Harlot'

Why Join the Table?

The Elmore Jam is showcasing Zac's HARLOT supper club at Spianata Bakery, London Bridge

Join us for Zac Whittle's seasonal five course menu with of course as always our lively jazz trio + welcome drink (usually Negroni, very welcome indeed!)

Please click on the tab above to see our proposed menu for this evening which as always can be subject to change.

Event title: SPANISH MOON Dont forget to ask!

Zac's Harlot - After 15 years working as a chef in Michelin starred kitchens, such as Galvin La Chapelle and Orrery, and most recently Sky Garden, he decided to take the knowledge & passion he's gained & take it to a smaller more intimate environment for you! A place where he can serve, meet & interact w...

House Rules: NOT BYOB - Don't forget that this one is NOT BYOB.
There will be a good selection of Red, White, Prosecco, Beer and the odd cocktail available on the night.

This supper club dining experience is being hosted by The Elmore Jam at Spianata Bakery, More London Place, off Tooley Street, London SE1 2RT
Have a great night !*!

In a Nutshell

New versions of The Jam are coming; stay tuned, alternative dining experiences, wine tastings, food n drink courses, incredibly sociable pop-ups, Church on Sunday brunch service, mews pizza and there has always been music so how about exclusive album listenings? - Lots to look forward to.

The Whole Hog

The Elmore Jam started out as a unique supper in the home of Nick Atkins on Elmore Street, right on the border of Islington with Hackney. His supper clubs always included live music, mostly a jazz trio making things very lively while a carousel of tremendously diverse and innovative chefs served excellent food. Creating a social stage to meet new people was an important ingredient and very often his open and inviting home full of artwork and music business memorabilia presented a ‘through the keyhole’ experience that would stimulate conversation with gourmet food presenting center stage under some very hot stage lamps. Being the entertainment officer has always come easily to Nick who loves to host.

Nick has a new home in Leytonstone where we’ve had fun trying to fit everything in. The house is going to be completely redeveloped at some point over the next couple of years and so of course meantime we should have some supper clubs over there.

We also have a strong tie with Italian bakery Spianata in More London which is in London Bridge - More London is the funniest name for a street surely!*! Anyway it’s spitting distance from the river Thames and we look forward to bringing some tasty food to this street over the coming months.

Thanks for a FAB night with incredible live jazz band, excellent company and a Burns Supper fit for a kilted king! The haggis arancini was particularly divine.

Such a lovely evening! It was such a relaxed and friendly vibe and the food was AMAZING. I’ll be returning for sure! Thank you!

Great evening - top notch hosting from Nick & team coupled with consistently awesome food from Alex, what's not to like.

Excellent venue hosted by Nick Atkins with memorable food by Alex Cooper. Great crowd and BYOB made it very good value.

We had a great time. Lots of lovely food and great company.

A wonderful evening in a perfect candlelit setting, great music, ambiance and guests (though I realise we may have just been very lucky who we sat next to). Food highlights for me were the mushroom and smoked parmigiano cream, the egg carbonara, and the white chocolate fiordilatte dessert was right up my street. When's the next one?

I was a little apprehensive of attending a supper club instead of dining out at a restaurant, however I needn't have been, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The food was delicious and there was lots of it! The atmosphere was amazing, everyone was very friendly and the live music definitely added to the evening...I would be happy to book another supper club hosted by The Elmore Jam.

Wonderfully creative cuisine and plentiful portions. The improvised space perfectly showcased music and food. Beyond expectations.

Fantastic evening! The combination of excellent food, music and atmosphere made for an unforgettable soirée. Thank you

Lovely night! Exciting and creative menu with interesting flavour combinations - smoky mushrooms with coffee powder a highlight! - and lots of the bakery’s unique Spianata bread with a backdrop of upbeat live music and cosy candlelight. A really enjoyable evening and so much food - as well as a free cocktail - that it was excellent value for money too. Very easy to get to, sandwiched between Tower Bridge and The Shard. Thoroughly recommend a supper club here!

I loved The Elmore Jam! I'd heard of them before but Saturday was the first time I've been to one of their events. They'd really made Spianata something special for the dinner - gorgeous lighting and a lovely buzzy atmosphere. We were sitting by the little kitchen area, so got a great view of Miro doing his thing - he's clearly incredibly talented, whipping up a feast in a bakery kitchen. The food was incredible, particularly loved the lentil soup with lots of spices, and the salmon was lovely - absolutely perfect cooking, and the horseradish was the ideal accompaniment. The jazz trio were great, they created a lovely atmosphere. So glad I booked The Elmore Jam, definitely go if you get a chance!

What an amazing evening! The band were awesome and the. Welcome negoroni was probably the only classic Italian part of the menu. Miro's tasting menu was an innovative take on Italian classic dishes. The starters were a succession of Unami flavours. The fish course sublime, big pieces of home smoked salmon. The pasta course a great twist on spaghetti carbonara. A nest of pasta crispy pancetta and egg. The desert was a blizzard of all things white, white chocolate, ice cream and cut through with amazing flavours inlcuidng fennel. This was not a traditional Italian Menu, but you don't expect tradition with a tasting menu. Definitely one to be repeated.

This was probably one of the worst supper club experience I have had. 1. As we walked in there was already a smell of burnt bread which was slightly overwhelming - while the doors were left open to let the area air the smell remained throughout 2. The Welcome Drink was a Negroni - there was no choice offered - other drinks are an extra cost - my partner doesnt like Negroni 3. The Food took a while to start to come - the first 3 snacks were all bread dishes - first with spinach hummos, the second was bread with ricotta and anchovies with cinammon, the third was bread with ham and cheese. There was way too much bread and not enough of a variety with the starters. They also served brown bread after the starters. 4. Salmon dish was ok - lentil soup too was ok 5. The Egg carbonara - had no carbonara - just an egg with 3 pieces of bacon and crunch vermicelli - this was the most disappointing dish of the night (I have been to Padella in Borough Market - that place serves pasta - Miro does not) 5. Dessert of ice cream and whipped cream lacked inspiration. It was a dessert that could be made by a child and was an extremely bad ending to a extremely disappointing evening. The music was nice but located against a wall below the sign saying 'Loo' I felt was not an appropriate location. Thankfully we were not the only ones disappointed by this experience. The other guests on our table also agreed that there was a lot to be desired. My girlfriend travelled from Canada to visit me in London and I was totally disappointed.

Response from our Host

Hi Shalin, I was very sorry to read that you were disappointed. It may be that we didn't explain the menu properly and perhaps that lead to a mismatch in expectation. To answer some of your points; firstly being a supper club it means things like the welcome drink are fairly fixed being that you are buying into a set menu for the evening other than of course being vegetarian or perhaps a soft drink etc. If there was a burnt smell in the air as you put it then this will have been the tea smoked Salmon having been prepared just before you arrived, smoked fresh of course. I'm pleased to read that you did enjoy the music. I would be very pleased if you made contact with us for a future event and I'd be happy to provide a complimentary bottle of wine for your dinner should you wish to give a future chef a try. We will today announce Danilo Cortellini for 7,8,9 December, he was a MasterChef (The Proffessionals) finalist in 2015, some say he should have won! If you'd like to make contact then I'd be very pleased to hear from you and we are on [email protected] Thanks, Nick Fri, 3 Nov 2017

Five stars all round for ambiance, quality of food, and fantastic hosting. I was a complete newbie (never attended a supper club before) all expectations were exceeded. From the lovely warm welcome, great company, fantastic food and great hosts. Thank you for a brilliant evening.

It was fab to be part of Nick's first supper club in his new home in Leytonstone. Wonderfully warm hosts and lovely fellow dinner guests made for a fun evening indeed, and one which we hope to enjoy again.

Very enjoyable, fun evening with laughs and giggles, incredible wines and lovely atmosphere.

Chef Ryan, I salute you sir for the best American bbq I have tried, every dish was Moorish. From the eggs and the tasty bacon jam canapes to the really sticky ribs that just fell apart. Live jazz playing and free flowing drink s made for an indulgent evening. Then mac n cheese something I heard of but never fancied trying, it was so good I had to have 3 goes at it and the watermelon with vodka and the sugar really worked was so good. Get this on your list of things to try, you won’t be disappointed.

What a brilliant evening hosted by Nick! The jazz was superb and the food & wine amazing. Everyone was so welcoming - we will definitely go to another of Nick's events. Thanks for a fantastic evening!

Dinner was lovely, food was delicious, live music was an awesome addition! Nick was an awesome host -- highly recommended. Will definitely try to attend more of these next time I'm in London!

A warm welcoming evening from the host to the buzz of the lively jazz trio. The food was seasonal, fresh, inspiring, beautifully plated and, most importantly, delicious! The hosts were welcoming to everyone and there was a great buzz to the evening, I'll definitely go again.

Really wonderful evening, everything that a supper club should be!

Nick is a very welcoming and entertaining host, his house is lovely and he's happy for you to look around at his amazing collection of art. We really enjoyed the Jazz which is definitely lively, and punctuated a great meal cooked in the open plan kitchen next to you. It was just the right amount of food not to feel too full afterwards and was all delicious. Thanks for a great night we'd definitely recommend.

Music was nice but waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too loud for some a confined space. it was a struggle to maintain a conversation.... The food was good, albeit on the sparse side. I didn't like the main - my quail was underdone. The starters and dessert were superb however.

We had a great time, everything was good but the portions of the food are a bit too small.

Excellent evening! Dinner was superb, right timing, and lovely enterteinment with jazz live music. Highly recommended both as a romantic dinner and dinner with friends.

As below !

Amazing food!

Just Fab!

What a lovely evening. We enjoyed ourselves so much. The food was fab, the atmosphere was really really welcoming and the entire evening was good honest fun. Well done everyone.

My second Elmore Jam did not disappoint! The food, ambience and vibe was spot on and the wow-factor of stepping into Nicks beautiful house with live jazz trio and Negroni in hand was something which I won't forget. Thanks Nick!

Had such a fun evening, really great crowd. Live Jazz followed by wonderful Colombian food and brilliantly hosted by Nick. Thank you!

Hosted in a gorgeous house, great entertainment and atmosphere. A lovely way to meet new people.

One of the best all round I have been to so far

It was a wonderful evening. There was an outstanding atmosphere, created mostly by the great jazz. It was a pleasure to watch an amazing chef work. As I vegetarian my needs were met and I hadn't been an after thought. I would highly recommend this event to anyone!

The team at Elmore Jam were very welcoming, the ambiance wonderful and different. Nick created dishes that made us all rethink English cusine from being the Oxymoron of yesteryear to what for me has become one of my favourite. I will be sure to make sure that I turn up to whatever other event that NIck organises.

Delicious food and incredibly welcome hosts who were very understanding

Great supper club, though seating was not "curated" and a large group from an office dominated the table without being very inclusive. Good fun, but not as communal as expected.

A fantastic concept, amazingly tasty and well priced food. Somewhere I would even fell confident bringing clients. Cant wait to come again!

Lovely evening

Overall a brilliant night. The hosts and venue were top notch plus we had the added bonus of a live jazz band! Met some really good people that evening so cant recommend this event enough. We will certainly be back for more! Thanks to everyone for putting on a great evening.

An amazing night had ! On arrival we were quickly given a deliciously strong Old Fashioned to get night going and it was a perfect night from there on. The food was so tasty, the quartet band were brilliant and the host Nick was so much fun. What a bloody great night we had, I would highly recommend. (Sweet pad too, jealous!!)

Superb evening on every level. The food was spectacular, the music and setup fantastic and the company excellent. Faultless in my book. Thank you.

Amazing night. Food, venue, music, hosts, general vibe, all unreal.

Fantastic!!! Delicious food and great company - am furiously booking in the next one before it gets too popular! It's only a matter of time!

From the negronis on arrival, to the jazz trio, the canapes and the main event - the delicious food, it was all fantastic. Beautiful home too - the old ten pence pieces for the jukebox was a nice touch :)

Response from our Host

Thanks Fejiro, we're pleased you had a good time and I hope we get to see you soon, Nick Mon, 27 Jun 2016

This was our first experience at a supper club, but we were blown away. The entire evening was planned out nicely and we enjoyed it from start to finish. What attracted us to The Elmore Jam in the first place was that they advertised having a live jazz band playing. We arrived and were treated to an accomplished trio who played new and old songs whilst we sipped on perfectly prepared Negroni cocktails. They came on later during the desert phase too. The venue is in a full size basement with skylights that has been decorated with jazz paintings. We got to chat with the other guests with the music playing and watch the chef's team get the meal ready. The hosts and also the young chef himself were very friendly and outgoing, making a point to come over to us and say hello. The kitchen was an open plan design so we could watch the team prepare the meals from our communal table. The meal was great, particularly because it consisted of more, but smaller courses. We like this better because it gives you more chances to to sample items without filling up. As a nice bonus, the event is BYOB so we could bring much more affordable wine along with us rather than paying restaurant prices. We definitely recommend the Elmore Jam based on this experience.

Once again an awesome evening. The music was fantastic and fantastic company. The food was exceptional. beautifully spiced with amazing flours of preserved lime, sesame and rose petals, and lots of it. A real feast.

Fabulous. Miss this, miss life.

best atmosphere I ever had for a grubclub dinner. lovely house. great service. live band. and jukebox to chose your tune from during the dinner. unfortunately food is lacking of all that and was definitely in too small quantities. you can t be fed only on thin rice pancakes and that s basically all we had as a main course. you read the menu and you expect a nice shrimp curry, forget about it! it takes longer to read the description of the main course than to eat it...

This was a fantastic night all round. The venue/setting was amazing and the Jazz band provided great entertainment - such a lovely added touch to the overall atmosphere. Another additional touch, which we thought really added to the experience was the opportunity to select 3 songs from a juke box using an old 10p provided by Elmore Jam. The food was delicious and we were given some background information per course about the origins/traditions of the food. I'd definitely like to go to another supper club with Elmore Jam and would thoroughly recommend the experience to others.

I loved the hoppers and was happy when additional hoppers were offered. The starters were just ok for me and the desert lacked the "wow" factor completely. But a great intro to Sri Lankan food which I would love to have again.

It was a great night. The band were great. Being able to talk to the chefs and see them was really nice. The food was delicious and we got to have more egg hoppers as they came off the stove! :)

Absolutely brilliant evening! Myself and my girlfriend arrived and were immediately made to feel most welcome by the wonderful hosts. The evening kicked off with a very tasty complimentary cocktail (with a devilish kick!) which we enjoyed in the outside area where we were able to become acquainted with the other guests. Following the friendly introductions, we were then seated at the dining table inside the lovely spacious venue where the band played lively jazz music to keep everybody in the mood. The food was imaginative, well cooked and very tasty across all four courses and we were both extremely satisfied with all of the dishes (which is certainly a rare thing!!). Aside the food and the great atmosphere, one of our favourite things about the evening was that we were given an old 10p piece so we could each select 3 tunes from the 1970's selection on the jukebox while the band joined us for the meal. This was very cool and really added to the entertainment. This was our first experience of the Grubclub and although our friends had recommended it (and this venue in particular) we arrived not really knowing what to expect. We left feeling we had enjoyed a really unique dining experience which was over and above the standard restaurant experience. It was great value, great fun and a wonderful inclusive atmosphere throughout. I would have no hesitation recommending an evening at the The Elmore Jam to anybody! James and Lauren

What a great venue, lovely hosts and a welcoming cocktail with plenty of delicious canapes to start the evening. I enjoyed the starter and main course, well cooked and nicely presented. The trio add to the atmosphere but the volume can make conversation difficult at times

Good points were the ambience, live jazz and company. Unfortunately the food was not consistently excellent. Great canapés, but then the first course (fish) was let down by a watery consommé. The duck was excellent, the desert good but unimaginative.

Great evening. Amazing food.

Amazing food!

Delicious food, amazing Jazz Trio, warm hosts, bright open space... And bottomless Bloody Mary's or Mimosa's,what more can you ask for?

Great food and lovely space! The hosts were very welcoming and live jazz trio was an awesome add-on!!! Loved it def a MUST DO in London!!

Yes yes yes yes yes.

Brilliant - great food, a great venue, an excellent host, live music and to top it all off the food from Mr Pigstuff was fantastic. With Grub Clubs like this why even bother with restaurants anymore?

I love Mr Pigstuff and their stuff! Lovely venue, lovely food, amazing hosts can't ask for more..ah and live jazz! yummy night!!!

Una is a lovely chef, I really enjoyed the evening. Will be back soon! Many thanks to the hosts too!

An amazing night great vibe and I'll definitely be back again soon! Best supper club I've been to so far - Highly recommended!!

Really lovely ambience - the jukebox and live band were a great touch. Unlimited cocktails are always a treat as well! Food was unique and excellently prepared. Would recommend.

What an incredible space! The setting of the Elmore Jam with the live music (piano, big base and drums) was fantastic. It was often a tad tough to speak to your fellow diner over the live music and chats all around but I guess that is what makes the atmosphere. Perhaps a notch down off the volume on the music would have been even better... Una's food was flavoursome and hearty and the host were friendly but relaxed. Would definitely come again!

I had a lovely time at the Elmore Jam! Everything from the corn fed chicken to the Caramelized Apple, Walnut & Raisin Toast and Kale, Beetroot and Duck was delicious and expertly prepared by chef Úna Donohoe. It was a very nice friendly, chatty crowd.

Very welcoming atmosphere and ambience, good food and lovely bunch of people to spend the night with.

What a lovely, civilised way to spend on a Saturday brunch. We enjoyed the food, served out in the courses, the love jazz band with their engaging musicians, and the company.

Great evening

Una was amazing and lovely place

Una was amazing and lovely place

My first time at Elmore Jam and what an evening it was! One of those little nondescript venues when you look from the outside but completely surprises you when you walk in. Beautifully done up by Nick and team. Once inside I met Danilo who is such a wonderful guy. So friendly, chatty and incredibly passionate about what he does. The food was just superb! Loved the mackeral with burarata and aubergines - all my favourite things - maybe not the mackeral but it was good! The asparagus was insanely good. Overall the experience was gorgeous, amazing food and people

What a fun night! The ambience created by the jazz band on arrival was fun and lively! Although did make it hard to chat before dinner this really did not matter as there was plenty of time to talk during dinner with the juke box playing lightly in the background. The food served was amazing!! I am a meat eater but surprisingly my favourite dish was the opening carrot biscuit - absolutely divine!! The team of hosts were very welcoming and made me feel completely at home. I will definitely be back! :D

We had a great evening with superb food. I would heartily recommend it and we will book again.

My fear was we'd be four baby boomers entangled in a party for millennials. We were. And it was brilliant (at least for us!). The Elmore Jam is a super cool venue, offering a warm welcome, live music (what a great bonus!). Danilo was charming and his food delicious, which we really enjoyed sharing with everyone there. A truly memorable night out, and great value for money. Well done everyone!

Great evening - excellent venue- chef was great, charming, approachable and delicious food!

Another amazing event at the Elmore Jam! The combination of warm and welcoming hosts, fabulous chefs, live music, and a beautiful space that cuddles diners in makes this supper club one not to miss. Danilo's food was beautifully presented and explained by the chef, full of rich and contrasting flavours. I hope to see more events from Danilo very soon. Our group of friends, some of which were grubclubing for the first time, had a wonderful time. Fantastic event, highly recommended!!!

We had a wonderful evening for my partners birthday. Really great atmosphere and fantastic food.

Great space for this type of event, and had a really buzzy feel to it, almost a little too loud for conversation with fellow diners but still fun. The food was really delicious, however I do have to say, the main course was tiny! Whilst it said lamb curry what we actually got was a small side dish with only TWO cubes of lamb, with a huge plate of rice. In addition I'm not sure we got all the side dishes that were mentioned on the menu, so I was really disappointed and with hindsight wish we'd said something at the time. Papi's Pickles really do need to look at portion sizes, as they can certainly do flavour there's no doubt about that, but I don't really want to leave, and go home hungry and eat toast. Other than that, would definitely recommend, and if you are local to The Elmore Jam, I would say check it out for sure.

A spontaneous evening with great company, food and music! Next time I'm bringing more friends and taking the chef home. #delicious

A very enjoyable evening

I had the most incredible meal and listened to some very good music with good company in lovely surroundings. I highly recommend anyone to try this experience for themselves.


5 Stars for everything because I had a wonderful time! The food (artfully fashioned by U'na for St Patrick's Day) was distinctly Irish yet better than anything I had in my Ireland visits... As a visitor to London I wish I had known about the Elmore Jam earlier so I could have attended on a jazz night as well.

Great fun, tastiest food - Una is a marvel!- and the location and host. The best.

Loved the whole experience! Will definitely be back.

Great food, fantastic band, nice venue

Loved it great space, lovely atmosphere and Nick is a great host. The Irish band were good and we enjoyed a dance. The food was superb just wish they'd been a tiny bit more

Una is an incredible chef and cooked myself and 3 Irish friends the best Irish food they'd ever had. The duck leg was out of this world. Great location and live Irish music too.

Fantastic hosts, and wonderful setting.

Really, really cool night. Great atmosphere. Cool people.

Wonderful night. Great music, delicious and exciting food, warm and welcoming hosts

Great venue, hosts and food. Had some interesting conversations with other diners.Overall an excellent evening out. Will come again

Great food, space, music, and people!

My first Supperclub, I'm hooked. Right upon entry the whole place bridged the gap between home dining and buzzy cocktail bar. Nick and Alexandra were fantastic hosts, even joining us at the table. The thought that had gone into the evening showed a passion and commitment that restaurants struggle to hit. The live band felt like a private gig, the "select your own classic" on the jukebox a great touch too. As for the food - it was wonderful, the Chefs clearly care about hitting the highest standards yet managed to remain quite edgy on the recipe's. I would recommend The Elmore Jam to anyone looking for a fun evening with an ambience restaurants can only aim for. ben.

Great evening and lovely atmosphere. Would definitely do it again. Sophie and Carl

Fantastic evening, food was delicious and the event was really well hosted - loved the jukebox and jazz - would definitely recommend

Loved the warm and welcoming atmosphere. The musicians performing played lovely and didn't interrupt the conversations in the beginning of the night. Later on, some of us had a dance after dinner which made the evening even better. Nick was really nice to everyone and made us feel at home. I could tell he put a lot of thought and effort in preparing the event as there were even old 10p. coins for each of us to play a song on the Jukebox if we wanted to! Overall, I had an amazing time and met new people while having a lovely meal prepared by the very friendly Andrea Zagatti!

Great setting. Accoustics debatable - had to shout across table to new found friends. The live musicians are a great touch but if you cannot chat........Food was delicious but very simple in terms of ingredients and prep for a chef of the advertised calibre - gratinated chicken breast as a main for instance?! Also portions very small and my neighbour's main was cold; that for the charged price was a bit of a let down; especially compared to other grub club dinners where you get the feeling hosts are in it for the love of cooking.... Biggest focus needs to be on the table situation; other comments on this dinner already mention gerbil size diners. We seriously had to eat in tandem at my side of the table so that everybody moved at the same time. Funny at the starter; irritating by the time dessert came around. Just makes you wonder if 27 guests is pushing it and would 24 be a better experience all around. Would have been great to hear from Andrea himself as to the how and why of his menu choices.

Great atmosphere in a perfectly sized space for socialising, the food was delicious and beautifully presented. Lots of fun, I look forward to another in the future!

Great atmosphere and an amazing experience!

Nick was an excellent host and made us feel at home, in his quite remarkable house, straight away. There was live music which was a nice touch whilst we chatted and sipped on a delicious Negroni. We sat down at the table, inquisitively checking out an old 10p piece that was given to us accompanied by a song list for an old juke box player, and it became immediately clear that things were going to get pretty cosy. It was a sell out and we were sitting on long benches which, if you have the shoulder width of a gerbil then you would've been fine but for normal sized people it made eating quite difficult and getting in or out impossible without manhandling the person next to you. Having said that, the food was very tasty and we all had a very enjoyable evening.

The house was really beautiful but it felt like a restaurant. The food was really average apart of the starter. The fish was extremely salted so most of us couldn't even finish half of it. Also the desert was really oily and sugary but that's maybe a personal comment as I don't like the donuts type of desert. The music is definitely a plus! But don't expect the cosy home look and feel. It is also a bit expensive for what you get in my opinion.

An enjoyable first Grub Club experience, the food was really good and we sat with some interesting folk amongst the sounds of the live jazz band which was followed by jukebox choices (though not sure all the songs were played or if it was just quite loud with talking). It was a lovely basement space and was good to see the chef cooking however it would be more interesting to have had the chef be more interactive. Quirky pictures and an interesting bathroom (!)

Fantastic evening... when's the next one?!

This was my first visit to the Elmore Jam and I wasn't disappointed. Entering through the discreet basement doorway, I was greeted by Nick the host offering me a cocktail and instantly warmed to the venue. With fun and interesting riffs on the theme of pistachios, the meal was inventive and full of flavour. I particularly liked the dessert which was tasty, smooth, and surprisingly light on the palate for a final course. Other favourites were the 3 piece jazz band playing in the background - they were fantastic, and the jukebox in the corner. Great company too and I made some new friends. I'll definitely be back.

My ratings: ***** Exceptional, **** Very Good, *** OK but nothing special, ** Just about fine, * Not as described or not acceptable Ambiance *** The music was very nice, but it was so loud all the time that conversation was close to impossible Cocktail * It was negroni HORS D'OEUVRES *** bruschetta or rather sliced baguette, was OK, although pistachio oil was not possible to detect Starter * There was no sourdough toasts (instead sliced baguettes, not even toasted) and no green salad. The relish was exceptionally sweet, without any hint of acidity to balance the sweetness. The terrine was OK, but just OK. Main *** The chicken and bulgur were quite nice. Dessert *** Chocolate muss (not really fudge) cake was OK. Pistachios were on the top, there was no orange taste to the cake itself. It felt heavy afterwords. Chefs for the events are hired and change frequently. I haven't felt any passion put into making the meal.

Great host, fantastic atmosphere with the live Jazz brand in a fabulous place. Delicious food as well. Would highly recommend this evening.

Fantastic food. Wonderful host. Great band.

The duke box more 70's than 60's but great food, great space, great Negronis! X

Great atmosphere and very tasty main dishes.

Love this concept, lovely host, lovely food, great way of meeting new people, great band playing live music,last but not least lovely house! Get booking guys. A must try. Loved it

An absolutely incredible night at The Elmore Jam - fantastic hosts, best jazz band I've heard in a long time and magnificent food and company. Best night out I've had in ages!

This was a supper club that had it all! food, great hosts and guests, music, venue and atmosphere, not to mention the communal dessert which was a gastronomic highlight and a lot of fun. This was a party! We appreciated in particular having hosts Nick and his lovely daughter sit at the table and share dinner and their story with guests. I'll be revising this one, don't miss it!

Wow what a fun night! The space is great, the music adds a unique element, and I can't say enough good things about this cooking duo from Fabulous 698b. You will never be disappointed when they are cooking!!

Really fun evening with great food and jazz. Perfectly sync'd coordination serving food with the jazz. Very impressed. Of course the dessert was amazing...what style with your presentation!!!

Amazing food, the whole evening was great. The hostess was very attentive describing every single dish which was really well presented and tasted great. I can't recommend this chef enough.....you really need to try his food!

Elmore Jam's Brazilian evening was a wonderful experience. Sarah the chef of the night did an extraordinary job of creating fresh and authentic brasilian food. Her modern twist was innovative and each dish was packed with flavor and expression. form the caipirinha on arrival to the delicate flan at the end there was no moment my taste buds were dissatisfied. My hat goes of the the chef! To further enhance the evening, the live jazz band was spot on with their jazzy twits on modern music the atmosphere of Elmore jam is bang on and truly an environment people just feel happy in. I highly recommend people to try it. This was not my first time and will not be my last!

A great night of top quality food backed with top quality live jazz, the Elmore Jam's large basement room being the perfect space for both. Friendly people and a great atmosphere made this a memorable night for all the right reasons - I'll be going again! NW

It was a great evening! Wonderful food, cool music and a fabulous ambience all in an amazing room. Will certainly be coming again. DW

A unique menu ... A fun feature of this supper club is that the focus is on the ambiance and music while giving a rotating host of cooks the chance to show off there talents. What a great night!!

What a space!! The music is the cat's meow and is a unique feature to this supper club's scene. And the corn fritters were delicious. So much fun!

Great fun!

Such a great first supperclub experience! What a wonderful evening!

Totally blown away, was an incredible evening and couldn't recommend more

This was such an amazing night, a totally new experience for me and my friend. Great food and drinks and random people to talk to who share the same love of food drink and music. I'll def be letting my friends know about this.. I'll be coming back!

Fantastic night! Wonderful food, atmosphere and friendly hosts, all to the backdrop of great music. Looking forward to the next night already!

The host is such a great guy and the chef was excellent i thoroughly enjoyed every single course. All of the other guests were so friendly and we had a good dance at the end, amazing value for money i would have payed in upwards of £100 for the whole experience.

Awesome venue, warm and fun hospitality, original jukebox full of 60's gems, live jazz and lovely people to share delicious food. Loved it!

This was my first supper club and it was absolutely fantastic. Everything about the night just flowed perfectly. The service, food, music was outstanding. I'll be certainly be returning for another Elmore Jam session!!!! Cheers!!!

We had a really fantastic experience at the Elmore Jam, not only was the atmosphere really comfortable and the table beautifully set, the food was sublime with a very talented young chef making delicious food and tantalizing our taste buds, I especially loved the homemade gnocchi that were perfection! To accompany the great food and surrounding there was a live jazz band that really was the cherry on top. The whole evening was incredibly special and I would recommend anyone with a taste for good food, music and people to go and exsperience the Elmore Jam !

I had a great night. Everything went incredibly smoothly, not just the jazz, particularly impressive considering it was the guys first attempt at a supper club. Definitely one to watch out for in the future, I can't wait to get stuck into the next Elmore Jam.

What a night! They say Thursday is the new Friday and The Elmore Jam is going some way to prove it. I've been to a few supper clubs now and the music really made it special. Delicious food too, the evening just went too fast!

What a fantastic evening! Wonderful seasonal food, the gnocchi was to die for! A great dining space with a lovely relaxed and warm ambience. The in house jazz trio were super cool cats, playing special tunes, creating the unique Elmore Jam vibe. When the musicians were taking a well earned break, we all made our own play lists with the old school ten pence pieces in the 1950s Juke box. Nick and Roseanna were the best hosts, and kept the music, food and wine flowing. I can't wait for the next session!

Wonderful flavour packed food, prepared before your very eyes, to a background of accomplished and note perfect ambient jazz. A relaxed crowd of interesting foodie folk. All three courses were outstanding, the lamb was succulent, matching perfectly with the jus and gnocchi. Thoroughly recommended.

That was absolutely amazing food, great music, interesting people and and simply awesome hosting from Nick and Roseanna! Will definitely like to come back and would recommend it to everyone!

Loved it, the band were great, thr food fab and the setting delightful. I'll be back...

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  • Vegetarian Friendly

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